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Easy mochis by Kiemi !

Pour lire cette recette en français, cliquez ici !

Living in a foreign country means to open itself to our new country's culture, but also discovering new ones. Indeed, it's often easier to be friend with people who live the same experience than us, and in our case with other expats. France wasn't the only one sending researchers oversees, we then met people who came from all around the world...for my greatest pleasure, especially the culinary one ! Don't think I'm only interested by food, I was also really interested in the culture, the way of living and of thinking...but food was from far my favorite part !

The spouses club I belonged often organized potlucks where everyone brought some food from his/her country. But to complete this, we also organized diners by ourselves to learn more about other's food. (If you're interested in our French dinner, it's right there)

Yummy !

Among those dinners, I was lucky to be invited by my friend Kiemi, so I could not only taste her specialities, but also learn to cook some !

The meal was delicious et above all I love all the details...I let you discover !

Even when cooked, the gyozas are so nicely placed !
And what are thinking about the carrots ? I love it !!!
Candies, bento box way !
Here it is for the meal part ! Now, let's go to the teaching part !

Among the Japanese sweetness, there is one I really like : mochis. When we came back from Japan, Jibouille and I tried to cook some, but it was a complete failure et we only had sticky digusting balls...When I met Kiemi and I tried her mochis, I was really admirative and I asked her secret...

And her secret was that she doesn't prepare them the usual way, but with a simplified way and mochis are as delicious as the normal way. Here is then Kiemi's receipe !

Kiemi's receipe for 10 mochis :

Ingredients :

For the dough :

  • 2 cups of potato starch
  • 90 g of rice flour
Rice flour and potato starch

There was a difference between both flours, but I don't remember which one. We use the firstone.
  • 70 g of sugar
  • 170 mL of water

For the filling :

For the filling, you can choose the usual way with red beans or the Kiemi's americanized version (my favorite)

Normal way
  • 300 g of red beans

  • 300 g of sugar
  • 1200 mL of water

Kiemi's American version

  • 2 strawberries
  • 10 spoons of rich and creamy frostening
Steps :

1/Red beans preparation

If you choose to do the american version, go directly to next step. Otherwise, here is what you have to do :
  • Cover the beans with water and boil it
  • Damp the water and wash the beans
  • Add the 1200mL of water on the beans and boil it 7 min, then cook mildly during 7 min
  • Add the sugar and let cook during 20min.
  • Add a pinch of salt

  • Form little size balls

2/ Dough's preparation

  • Mix the flour, the sugar and the water
  • Microwave them during 1 min, then mix (repeat 3 times)
  • Sprinkle the potato starch on a flat surface and lay the dough out.

  • Roll the dough

3/ Mochi's final !

  • Cut the edge of the dough and spread it into a circle

  • Place in the inside (non-shiny side) the filling (red beans or frostening and 1 slice of strawberry)

  • Pull the edges to cover the filling

  • Roll again to get a perfect ball

Pictures above are those of Kiemi. To create a perfect ball, we needed some tries... But after a while, it becomes easier et we can prepare a delicious dessert !

And here is the result !!

Bon appétit !!! 召し上がれ!

Arigato Kiemi !

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