Sunday, January 25, 2015

Folk rock in Victorian

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Our last guest, Yoann, had a friend in Los Angeles, Christine, so we spent an evening with her and her boyfriend. The opportunity for us to meet other French !! (Almost, because in fact her husband is Argentinian and she is French-American ... but we will not argue on the details !!)
Christine is a Ph.D. student at UCLA and several of her friends there form a folk band which was playing that night in the Victorian. The perfect opportunity for us to discover a new side of L.A. nightlife !

The concert took place in a very friendly basement bar in Santa Monica (To learn more, you can see the Bar and Club Guide to come). It is inspired by the prohibition bars (original or copied, I have not really been able to find out). Anyway, it's totally believable : to enter the bar, we had to enter in an empty house, go to the living room and open a small door directing to the cellar, without any indication...I even thought for a while we were about to break into the basement of the owner ! Although I do not particularly like the folk usually, the group was also very catchy and played very well, and I was able to discover a new style of music and a piece of American culture.

The garden
way for the basement
DIY ornements :-)

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