Friday, December 26, 2014

A walk in Santa Monica, Venice and Mullholland Drive

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I know I already posted an article on these neighborhoods, but Venice and Santa Monica are unavoidable tours when visiting Los Angeles, so we're taking there all our visitors, and we are also spending a lot of time here ... Thus, it was worth it a second post! So I put a few additional photos we took during the visit of our friend Yoann, but you can find more information and pictures in the following articles: Venice and Santa Monica Beach.

This ride is great to have in one day a good overview of L.A.: We park in Santa Monica, rent bicycles and go to the Venice's canals walkway, then return to the Santa Monica Pier, and even further dependning on our desires and then we walk in the pedestrian street. We take the car back and we come back home through Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains which are really pretty and show a difference point of view of L.A.
If you want to see Venice's turmoil, I advise you to go around on Saturday, otherwise it is better during the week. For the Santa Monica Mountains, the best is to see the sunset, but sunsets on the beach are also often beautiful, so it's up to you!

Santa Monica mountains

  • Venice

Roughly four things can be done in Venice: shopping (not tested), a tour in the canals that ends on the seafront, street performances and bathe in the sea. With Yoann, we settled only for the ride.

First, here are some nice houses on Venice's canals walkway:

Some local nice flowers. 

Also in Venice, residents are bored by the tourists :-)

Then, some photos of the beach, far away from the boarwalk turmoil:

At this time of the year, there is still not a lot of tourists and many birds can be seen!!

And the central attraction in Venice, the baordwalk on the seafront :

Work-out center

A regular in training

Tags zone
Wall of a surf fan

In Venice, people practice skateboard at all levels and at all ages :

(true, I made lots of pictures of the skaters but I love it, I might observe them for hours !! )

Botticelli Venice style

  • Santa Monica

After Venice, here are the pictures of Santa Monica where you can do shopping, go to the beach, or go to the pier to enjoy a Wheel ride.

A modern gold seeker

Typical way to build in L.A.

  • Mullholland Drive

To end this day, we really wanted to take some night pictures of L.A. and we then went to Mullholland Drive :

Be careful, for those who want to take night pictures, the spot is closed after the sunset. Nonetheless, you can easly climb over the fence to access the area  located above the Hollywood Bowl. (By contrast, I don't know what happens if you are caught !)

Los Angeles and Downtown behind

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