Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Visit of the Warner Studios

In this article, I'll tell you about my visit to the Warner Studios with my friend Yoann. We chose the normal pass which includes a tour of the studios by cart and the museum. But I warn you right now: even if you feel more close to reality as Universal Studios, the visit is still a lot less funny!!

First, we visited the outdoor scenery where you can see the uncover scenes.

For instance, here you can see the construction/renovation of a decor. Most of the time, there are just facade decorations, but on this particular site, houses are real with indoor and outdoor modular decorations.

The decoration of this window changes each shoot (and thankfully, otherwise it is shame for them to let mistakes as big! "Le patisserie"...)
And here is what the inside looks like: the modular part is multicolored.
Despite their realism, it should not be forgotten that it still settings. And said sets, said cardboard! Can you detect the false from the true in the photo below??

Except Friends and Big Bang Theory, I did not know much about the series filmed there, but we have seen a lot about these two series! We saw the film sets of Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, it was forbidden to take pictures of stages, but I'll try to summarize with pictures from CBS. The plate consists of two fixed sets: the stairs of the building with the broken elevator and the Sheldon and Leonard's apartment as well as a modular decor.

"Fun with flags" in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment
The staircase as seen in the series ...
And ... the reality
The modular decor can also be used both as the Penny's apartment and as the cafeteria. It is disassembled and reassembled each episode!

Penny's apartment
Space Capsule (but I do not know if the modular set was used or another one)
We also visited the old sets of Friends: Geller's home and the Central Perk (The rest of the decor was destroyed).

The Central Perk
Geller's home. Yoann reminds someone?  (Answer below at 2'40'')
After the sets, we visit technical platforms. We can see where all the sets are created, but also the warehouses full of objects and costumes for the shootings.

 Après les décors, on visite les plateaux techniques. On peut ainsi voir là où sont créés tous les décors, mais aussi des entrepôts remplis d'objets et de costumes pour les tournages.

Not so glamorous, isn't it?
Finally, the visit ends by a tour in the car center and in the museum. The museum is pretty cool because you can see lots of costumes and accessories. Among other, the Hagrid's costume (Harry Potter) is super impressive. One can thus realize that the Hollywood clothing size is very far from the average size, e.g. Rachel from Friends who looks quite normal has a waist equivalent to a garden hose ... (I hardly exaggerate!).
Unfortunately, we can not take pictures here, so you'll have to come to figure out with your own eyes! However, we could take pictures of the cars, so here some to bait you!

Austin Power's car
Space capsule of Big Bang Theory
Batman's cars
Weasley's car (Harry Potter)

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