Monday, April 21, 2014

What I miss from France : Vichy Célestins

When you're an expat, whatever if you are French or American, there is always some stuffs you miss from your country. Most of the time, food is what you're missing the most !! So under this tag, I will talk about everything I miss from France ! Food, beauty products, "bandes dessinées", etc...If I have enough time to write everything I miss, I will be able to open a grocery store with all the products at the end !! ;-) (By the way, no advertising here, I only share the stuffs I like hoping they'll arrive here !!!)
Anyway, for those who are french, I hope you will see some "Madeleines de Proust" ;-p For the others, I hope that it will show you that France is a little bit more than Bordeaux and Chanel !

Today, I'm going to speak about a water I'm very fond of : Vichy Célestins. I know, that we can easily find the Vichy beauty products here, but I never found one single bottle :-( So I will present it and explain to you why I like it so much. And if by any chance, somebody knows where to buy it, let me know !!

Do you know Vichy Célestins ?

Vichy, before being water or beauty products, is a city in France.

Despite a sad story during the German occupancy, Vichy is first known as a spa town. It became famous in the XVIth century and all VIP came here, from the Marquise de Sévigné to Napoléon's mother.
Nowadays, Vichy is still known for its thermal baths, but also for its water.

There are two main brands : Vichy Célestins from Vichy and Vichy St Yorre from St Yorre.

Vichy St Yorre

Vichy St Yorre is known to help for the digestion. It's also advertised as a good water for sports. I really like it but not as much as Vichy Célestins.

Vichy Célestins

Although Vichy Célestins is also good for digestion, it's mainly advertised for its hydration power.

The source springs under the former Célestins' nunnery and was known for centuries. Since 1861, it has become a water of national interest thanks to its special composition. I have no idea what it represents, but here is (in mg/L) :

Bicarbonate : 2989Potassium : 66
Calcium : 103Sulfates : 138
Sodium : 1172Chlorures : 235
Magnésium : 10Florures : 0.5

Why I like it so much !!!

Because it's goooood !!!! The taste of this water is in the same time sweet and salty, sparkling and soft....Yes  it's hard to explain !!
When I was young, I loved this water so much that I used to drink it all the time. I was terrible when there is no more at home ! Yes it makes me sound a little bit "waterholic".... :-D Later, I decreased my consumption because drinking too much salty water is not really healthy. Thus, I kept it as a pleasure water once a while.

When I arrived here, I was really disappointed because there was no sparkling water I liked (I didn't try everything of course, but I didn't like the ones I already knew like San Pellegrino or Badoit).

I get used to it of course, but when my friends came here, they brought me some bottles !!!!! I kept them a very long time as a comfort water, but now I finished all of them:-( So if anyone knows where to buy it or is willing to send me some, please do !!

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