Friday, April 25, 2014

WE californien 2/2 : Mount Baldy

Here is the following of our Californian week-end : mountain !
As you can see on the map below, Pasadena is encircled by mountains. The closest are out of snow (in any case in March 2013), but just behind there are totally white! (or almost...)

Map of the Pasadena's relief
The closest resorts are half an hour away, but there are small and people from Caltech who spoke to me about them regularly change of resort. They can even take a flight to ski for a week in Utah. As for us, we only went to Mount Baldy which was really disappointed. From the piece of advice I received, that was effectively the worst. Unfortunately, there is plenty of other things we planned to do and the temperature rise will probably lead us to the next winter.  We will have to wait before editing the touristic guide of L.A. resorts !
As you have probably already noticed, this California ski day is directly entered in the top 10 of our worst experiences. Nevertheless, we will tell it to avoid any disappointment for the future tourists! 

To go to Mount Baldy, this is very easy : you just need to use the freeway for a few miles and you exit by the way showed below :

Mountain road !
Then, you park for $5 (you can park for free down the road but we didn't know at this time) and we take the lift ticket for the ski resort. This first part seemed weird to us : pay just to see the station, really ??? Well, but we were already there, so we couldn't go back. We paid the $15 et took the creepy vintage lift to go to the station.
Lift for the station
The trip to the resort took us one half hour with a cold wind and an ugly landscape : dug soil with pipes everywhere (sorry we didn't take any pictures, we were frozen !)
The resort was even more disappointed : there were only one dining/rental chalet, a spot for luges and an other lift. Furthermore, there was very little snow, so even if we had plan to ski, we only wanted to go to our warmer home !

Here the pictures !
It was cold !
The second old lift (closed of course)
The resort center
The snowmaker !!!
THE resort chalet !!
Chalet's inside
Back way
Mountain flore !!
Conclusion : As you probably understood, I don't like Mount Baldy. I found it ugly and really bad for skiing. And very expensive ! In brief, this is not a first good experience... But be sure, we will try other resorts !!!

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