Monday, April 14, 2014

TV show #1 : The IT Crowd (Graham Linehan)

Today, I present you one of my favorite shows : The IT Crowd !!

For those who never heard of it, The IT Crowd is basically a show about 2 nerds and their boss working in the IT department of a big company : Reynholm Industrie.

Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson) is the boss. She doesn't know anything about computers (in one episode, she actually believes that the whole internet is kept in a box...), but she's smart and friendly. She's the strong character and also the only one connected with the "normal" life.
Roy Trenneman (Chris O'Dowd) is more a geek than a nerd. He enjoys everything that makes geek culture, but he's also very interested into women...
Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade) is the ultimate nerd. He loves experiments, hi-tech stuffs and IT above all. He's afraid by girls and completely unable to socialize.

They're working with some other main characters : Reynholm and later Reynholm's son who are the craziest CEOs you can ever meet and Richmond, a gothic guy locked in the basement.

The story itself is not epic : it's just about everyday life in the IT department. Works problems, love's problems and socials problems...except that everything's really funny. And that these weird characters are so appealing !!! The show has recently ended and I'm really sad now :-(

Now here are some clues to explain why I love this show sooo much !!! 

- Moss is reading both adult and children versions of Harry Potter, just to make sure there are no differences in the text.
- Moss and Roy get ladyproblems to be supportive with Jen.
- When there is a fire, Moss emails the firemen...
- Moss invented a software to help him to make new friends by telling him how to speak about a football match

- Moss and Roy are absolutely unable to handle any weird situations... I can't explain more, but just watch the hilarious episodes where Moss and Roy are going in theater and you'll understand !
- They have a great emergency number

- You can watch the same episode a lot of times, you'll always discover new fun references !

If you enjoy the show as much as I do, some great fans have created fun websites linked with the IT Crowd. Here is one you might like :

If you're looking for a job :

If you need help with your computer, use their helpful systemification !

Improved Bechdel Test : CA (3/5) (Pour comprendre ce label, cliquez ici)

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