Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Postdoc's life in Caltech

This is the kind of T-Shirt you can find in the bookstore (between baby stuffs and plate !)

Today, my husband Jibouille will tell you about his life as a postdoc in Caltech.

Firstly, you need to know that, compared to other american universities, Caltech is very small. Indeed, with only 2000 students, there's no comparison with UCLA and its 40 000 students ! So, it is a human-size campus with its own "Red Door Café", its bookstore and its truck selling California burgers.

On the way to "Red Door Cafe"
With a red door of course !!! ;-) 
There are a lot of different plants everywhere.

Some buildings into the wild

I'm working in the Guggenheim Building (The one of the museum is his brother).
My working building

My desk is in the laboratory, so even if it's not a real office, it's very quiet and handy for my experiments.

The laboratory
For the hardware, it's also much better that everything I had before. In France, I always had to get the old computers (or I should say finish ^_^). Here I could choose a brand new computer, so I took the asus zenbook !!!
My  i7 zenbook :-)

For the work side, it's really interesting and dynamic. There are symposiums on different subjects every week. There are also team lunches every Monday with one person showing his work. Sometimes this is hard for me to understand everybody, because we all come from very different countries (my advisor and the other "postdoc" are German, the phd students are from Chicago, China and Spain) and my English is not yet good enough to understand every accent ! I hope to improve quickly it but anyway, that's really kind of cool being in short/ basket with 25°C in march !!

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