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My Little Box April 2014 : My Little Lucky Box

Today I will present you my favorite beauty box : My Little Box. I like this box so much that I asked my grand-mother to keep forwarding it to me here ! And so, I was about to tell you how great this box was...until some changes happened. I hesitated to write this post because I didn't know what to tell you. In one hand I wanted to share with you this great box that may arrive in the US one day and in another hand, I have been so disappointed lately, that I only want to complain ! In the end, I will you tell you both + and - sides and let you make up your mind. And if by chance a My Little Box editor reads my post, please take it in consideration ! :-)

Why I used to love My Little Box

Before being a box, My Little was a website with great restaurants and shopping ideas in Lyon and Paris. I really loved it : it gave me really good plans and thanks to them, I discovered a lot of delicious food :-)
Then they created their beauty box. I didn't bought it right away because I wasn't willing to pay for samples, but pretty soon, I surrendered...

I can't tell how pleased I was : the boxes were really pretty with great drawings from Kanako. I discovered a lot of new and great products (the brand Absolution, the milk Dr.Hauska, nail polishes from The Beautyst and from Marionnaud, the products My Little Beauty...) and above all, I received lovely goodies (a passport cover, cute hair clips, a fun computer bag, a wonderful snood...). Even if I didn't like the fact that more and more other girls get their membership and that probably most parisian girls are now wearing the same mylittlebox products (to give you an idea I was among the first thousands and now there are around 100 000 members, including Japanese !), I still was very fond of them.

But little by little, I get more and more disappointed...

Why I'm not so happy with it right now...

Is it because of my postman or because of My Little Box, I don't know. But in June and in July, I didn't receive any box. By chance, they could send me the one of June but not the one of July. Of course they reimbursed me, and because I didn't like the one of July, that was ok for me.

Later, I didn't receive the one of December. This time I was quite angry : I really wanted this box !! Happily, they could send me a new one. 

But recently, once again, I didn't receive my box ! It was the one of March, so if I do my maths, the fourth in only 10 months !! It really bugs me to report a problem half of the time !!! Furthermore, if they could fix the problem before, it wasn't the case this time. 
First, the customer service suggest me to send it in another place, like if it was my fault !! For the record, the box is sent to my previous place, where I still have my grand-mother 24/24 plus a concierge....So no way, the postman could have miss them ! I was really upset by their answer, but more over because they couldn't send me a new box. Of course, I got a refund, but I really wanted the box !!!! (It was a great London edition !!!)

I hoped that at least, they will try to compensate in the the next box...Not only there was nothing special, but more over I had the worst box ever !!! I let you see...

April box : My Little Lucky Box (Spoiler)

As I did for the Glossybox, I will mark the contents as follow :

0/5 : I don't like anything in the product, neither the packaging, nor the product itself.
1/5 : I don't like the product but it did worth a try !
2/5 : The product is ok, but the packaging really sucks !
3/5 : Everything is ok, but as soon as I tried it, I forget it...
4/5 : The product was good, but I won't buy it, except if I don't find anything better.
5/5 : The product is really good and I definitely will buy it again !!!
Here is the box !

Beauty Products

  • MY LITTLE BEAUTY Baume à lèvres (3/5)
This lip balm is made with honey wax and coconut oil. It's really soft but it doesn't give any relief for very dry lips. At least, I like the packaging. The price is a little bit expensive (8€ for 15mL) and I already have a lot of effective lip balms, so I definitely won't buy it.

  • OOLUTION Crème de jour (2/5)

This cream is supposed to do everything : give a bright skin, hydrate and remove imperfections and age signs. My skin is very sensitive so I usually don't use a brand I don't know on my face. But this product has a stamp "My little box" on it, and until now only very good products had it, so I will give it a try. I will let you know what I think !

Edit : I don't know if this cream does everything she claims, but I don't like the smell and the texture isn't great either. At least, my skin tolerates it, but I won't buy it.
  • DOVE Après-shampooing Oil Nutrition (0/5)
There were several versions for this item :

1 : a ULTRA DOUX hair care (I love this brand and I miss it a lot here in the US, so even if it's a supermarket brand, I would have been happy)
2 : a HERBORIST product
3 : a soft perfume (no !)
4 : a RARE nail polish (mmh)
5 : a blush (mmh)
6 : a PIERRE RICAUD eye care
7 : a ERBORIAN CC cream (yeahh !)
8 : a ERBORIAN BB cream (mmh)
9 : a NOXIDOXI lips and eye care (why not)
10 : a INSTITUT ARNAUD eye car (why not)
11 : a DOVE conditionner (berk !)

I was really disappointed to get this product, so I won't present it. If I suscribe to a beautybox, it's not to get products I can buy in every grocery store ! I was even more disappointed, because there were so many good other products in the other versions. They were upscale products such as the CC cream Erborian, the masks Herborist or the lips pen Noxi Doxi... that I would have like to get of course ! I would have been also very happy with the other grocery brand which was at least a serum and from a good brand (Ultra Doux) ! Instead of this, I have this crap that I wouldn't even buy in Target...(Well, to be honest, it's maybe not a crap, but it's not really appealing...).

Edit : To be really totally honest, the product is good. But still, I don't want a product I can buy for a cheap price in my grocery store ! Next time, just tell me it's a good product, that will be enough !!! (And give me an other sample instead of course !^^)

So if you're working in My Little Box and reading those lines : please, we buy this box to discover new products or to test some that would have been too expensive otherwise, so no more Dove !!!! By the way, if you really want to offer variation, do not forget the old members that have supported you...Don't forget either, that if at the time we went to My Little Box, it was also because we wanted to have something special. And now that we are so many members, the best way to make us feel special is maybe not to give us the worst products...

  • KATE LEE Necklace (1/5)
What to say about this necklace ?... I think it was a good idea to give various colors, so you don't meet every 5 min a girl with the same necklace. It is also quite nice and I was lucky with the colors (I saw some horrible versions on the web...). BUT it is really cheap. Sure, less cheap than the Glossybox jewel, but still not really the kind of jewel, I like to wear. Not that I'm a snobbie, I like cheap stuffs, but only when they don't pretend to be something that they aren't. And here, the flimsy chain with the bad-finitions-leather don't go along...



  • Bamboo Candle (2/5)
I don't like candles so I won't be objective. The idea is pretty good, because if you were lucky, you could find a diamond inside your candle. BUT....Of course, I'm not lucky !!!!! :-( The scent was different in each box and I had bamboo, which I don't like. Happily, my husband likes it, so he will use it.


As usual, you can find in your box the magazine My Little World. I usually like very much this magazine and this one seems to be ok. I read it very fast and here is a recipe that I found cool :

Normally you also have a sticker and a pretty card illustrated by Kanako, but this time no card... :-( I hope it will come back, because I like those cards very much and I like to stick them on my fridge or in my hallway !

If you are arrived until here, thank you very much !!! The next one will be shorter, but today, I needed to complain !!! :-)

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