Thursday, April 24, 2014

Californian week end 1/2 : Venice


Today, we will present you a typical californian week end (well, typical for us right now !), whiwh means the saturday on the beach and the sunday in the mountains skiing !! The closest beaches and ski areas are 30min driving from our home, so this perfect for us !!! 

In this post, we will present you Venice beach, which is famous for its muscle men and above all its liveliness !

For the little story, Venice was at the beggining a project created in the early 20th century, in the aim of reproducing the real Venice.
Venice in the beggining (wikipedia)
I don't know much more, but I know for sure, that now it's everything but Venice !!!! However, it's a crowdy area where you can find gorgeous houses and creepy buildings, stars and homeless, junkies and sportsmen. So a very eclectic mix which is very charming !

Last tourism advice : Venice is famous for its melting pot, and don't want to miss it. But don't miss either the beach itself, which is really big and beautiful. You can also enjoy a walk along the canals and take time to observ the architect houses. Indeed they're very interessant, because of the constraint they endure : they need to be open on the outside (otherwise no use to be on this spot !), but they also must preserve the privacy of their inhabitants. Most of the houses don't solve the problem, but it's very interessant to see how they try to solve the problem, and how they succeed sometimes !

Ocean and Santa Monica mountains
Kite (on only see strange kites like this one !)
Life guards !!!!!!
Skate park
Everyone is accepted here : from the beggining kid to the experimented grown-up
Bike line
Dance on rollers !!

Beach house
authorized graffitis

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