Friday, March 28, 2014

West Hollywood Halloween Parade

After speaking for a long time of the preparation, here is the Halloween pictures !
For my first Halloween experience, I wanted to test everything and especially the West Hollywood parade of which I heard a lot. For the record, this parade is organized every year since 1987 and hosts almost 500,000 people for a city with usually 35,000 residents ! Several shows are prepared like concerts, contests, etc. We arrived too late to fully enjoy everything but i loved the friendly and festive atmosphere !
The crowd and a concert in back
If you wannt, you can take pictures during a fake arrest but with real cops :-)
Before sharing with you the best costumes i saw, here are ours !
Pisquare et Scary M 
Let's go for the parade !!
Kiemi en Maya l'abeille et Papa Pop à l'assault de la foule !
There is a selection of the most fashionable costumes of the parade... the sexy costumes !
This is very soft...
Here also but i prefer ! ;-)
A very caricaturale vision of Germany (we saw worst for France !)
Ninja turtles who will definitively have some issues during fights !
The classical bunnies
Well, the picture explains everything isn't it !!
I do not know for what these costumes stand for. I surely have some references missing. An idea ?
My favorite : the Leeloo of the fifth element !! ( for these Leeloo in particular, that would have been difficult to escape with these stilettos !)
Voici les costumes les plus drôles que j'ai vu :
Well, this costume is funny... but for dancing, it is less practical, isn't it ?
The hunt of bunnies is opened
Dressing gown, walking or motorcycle, everything is allowed !

A living space station ! 
A mixed up gender
A beautiful Mexican dress
An original costume !
The light ma
If Marilyn would have been a man ?
The advantage of Halloween is you can dare everything...
A classic but well done ! 
Snow White and the wooden Elves
Finally, the best for the end : 
A Sims escaped !!!!!!

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