Thursday, March 27, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day in Santa Monica
Today, I'm gonna talk to you about my first holiday in the US : Memorial Day. For those who don't want to read, I found an video which explains quite well the history of Memorial Day : !

So to make it simple, Memorial Day is a holiday which takes place every last May Monday (that's handy to have long week-ends !) and where we commemorate all soldiers died for the country.
Previously, Decoration Day (the previous name for Memorial Day) was celebrated on May 30th and was a time to commemorate the Veterans from the Civil War. This holiday was invented in Waterloo (New York state) and at the time people used to decorate the graves with flowers.
After the WWI not only the Union and Confederate soldiers were celebrated but also all the others. Since 1971, it becomes a federal holiday.

Nowadays, I heard that people still use to decorate graves or simply enjoy a BBQ together. For us, it was even simpler : day at the beach !! We loved the family atmosphere there ! It was very different from what it usually is : much more live wire !

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