Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hallowenn DIY #1 : Pumpkin carving

Today, I will share with you my first Halloween experience ! In France, even if I like the spirit of Halloween, I don't do anything, because nobody excepts the shops does... So here, I wanted to experiment everything !! I want it all : Jack O'Lanterns, scary decorations, pumpkin pies and the costume party !!!

In this post, I will share my first time with pumpkin carving. Later, I will show you what I did for the cooking and decoration part. And of course then...the party !!! Of course, don't expect me to do some wonderful stuffs, it's only my first time !! But I'm waiting for your comments to improve myself next year !

Pumpkin carving kit

Step-by-step pumpkin decoration :

Let's be honest : this is our first time and the only help we had was on Youtube. So we did our best and even if the rest isn't brilliant, we had a lot of fun !!!

1/ Clean up !

First, you have to clean the pumkin. Especially, if you want to eat the inside !!

2/ Cut the hat :

To access the inside, you will have to cut the top or the bottom, depending of the effect you want.

The important thing is to keep the knife at 45° so the hat doesn't fall.

3/ Scoop the pumpkin : 

Step 1 : Take off the seeds (with your hand or a spoon). I advise you to keep them, because you can use them to cook a delicious appetizer !

Step 2 : Scoop the pumpkin so the edges are 2cm thin. You can also use the inside to make soups, pies, etc.

4/ Drawing

For this step, you have several choices. You can use an internet-drawing, stick it on your pumpkin and draw directly on it. But you can also let place to your imagination !

5/ Cutting

Once the drawing done, you have to cut. You can use a pin to make it easier first and then use a knife. Push delicately the part and finish it properly with your knife.

6/ Lightning !

Here you are !! You finally can enjoy your work putting a light inside ! In our case, we use a LED light which looked good and is less dangerous !

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