Saturday, March 29, 2014

Halloween decorations

My friends specially arrived from France for Halloween. That would have been too bad to miss it !! For the event, Jibouille and I organized a party (this is why we prepared pumpkins and made food !). I am little bit fast when I said party. That was much more like a big appetizer before leaving for the West Hollywood parade !  For the decoration part, we didn't try too hard :  some bats and spider webs on walls, a Frankenstein basket for the candies and that was done. We didn't take pictures... In contrast, we walked in some Pasadena streets to have a good idea of how houses were decorated. We had not enough time to go to the most impressive neighborhood but we have even had a rapid foresee of the traditional house-to-house spirit !

Jibouille alias Duffman attacking haunted houses
Children asking for candies

You have to know that Halloween is a big party here : shops specially open for the event, both children and adults prepare decorations and even if the most amazing decorations appear only for the 31th, this is not unusual to see pumpkins and witches all the month long. I am mad of me to not take pictures of all of this. As an apology, I present you the most surprising disguises I saw in shops :

Finally, there are some interior designs and gadgets : 
Our bats
A dead body in the back trunk !!!
A small and cute vampire candy

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