Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Glossybox March 2014

Welcome to my first Beauty post !

In France, I had subscribed to many boxes (My little box, Gastronomiz and Birchbox or previously Joliebox) and I loved to look what the other received ! I also liked to read comments and cross fingers to have the best products.

 I believe here everyone receives the same products, but I still enjoy to read comments...And that's why I decided to give you mine ! I kept my subscription to the french Mylittlebox (because it's really a good box !) but I also tried Armybox, Glossybox and Birchbox. I didn't like Armybox, so I stopped, but I keep going with Birchbox and Glossybox. But if you know good other boxes (for beauty, food or whatever !), please let me know in the comment section !!!
To comment it, I will just give my opinion and if I tried the product, I'll give it a mark as follow :
0/5 : I don't like anything in the product, neither the packaging, nor the product itself.
1/5 : I don't like the product but it did worth a try !
2/5 : The product is ok, but the packaging really sucks !
3/5 : Everything is ok, but as soon as I tried it, I forget it...
4/5 : The product was good, but I won't buy it, except if I don't find anything better.
5/5 : The product is really good and I definitely will buy it again !!!

I just received my Glossybox, so I will begin with this one. For those who don't have it yet...don't read further : spoiler alert !!!


ALEX AND ANI Scent 7 Body Mist (1/5)
I don't know the brand, but the product looks like "Eau dynamisante" from Clarins. Except that it stinks !! My husband asked me if I put some chemicals on me when I tried it... I guess I won't use it anymore !

ALTERNA HAIR CARE Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand
I knew the brand but I never tried it before. Since I have very thin hair, it might be useful for me ! I will try and if I like it or I hate it, I'll tell you.

I don't know this brand (which is German apparently and not French), but I will definitely try it. It won't hurt my dried lips ! And I'll tell you my opinion about it after !

NAILS INC Brook Street Nail Polish (4/5)
I already have a NAIL INC polish and I didn't like it. The texture was too thick for me. But this one seems better and I like the color very much. However I won't buy it, because I already have a zillion of polish and at least 3 with the same color...

SISLEY Masque crème à la rose noire (4/5)
I don't know this product, but I love the brand ! I won't use it now though because I just came back from holidays and my skin doesn't really need it now... But I soon as I get tired, I will test it !! My only bad impression is that the sample seems to be quite small and I'm not even sure it'll be enough for one test !
Edit : I test it and this is a good product, although not extraordinary. The smell and the feeling are good. The skin is well hydrated. So the minimum you can wait for a brand like Sisley. 

ALEX AND ANI Charm Bangle (0/5)
Hum...really ?? I never saw such a kitsch jewelry !! It is horrible and even if the swan is ok, the all thing just looks very cheap !! So if someone wants it as a gift for a teen, please take it !!

Conclusion : This box was pretty good and I'm happy with it. I will use 4 products/6, so that's a good score. Now, I will try them before giving my final mark and I will update this post then.

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