Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome !!!

Bienvenue ! Welcome ! Willkommen !

Hi everybody !

Welcome on my blog ! Before you read my posts, let's me introduce myself and present you what is my blog about !

Who am I ???

My name is Antigone, I'm a 27-French girl living in Pasadena, in the L.A. County. Before coming here I was a civil engineer in Paris. Even so I loved my city and my job, I quit and left my country 6 months ago to follow my husband Jibouille, who's a postdoc in Aerospace at Caltech (for those who have no clues what I'm talking about, watch "Big Bang Theory", he's pretty much doing the same job as Sheldon, except he's better looking I hope !).

Why did I write this blog ?

We mostly prepared our arrival here thanks to other blogs, and that's why we're also trying now to share our experience ! I began with a blog in French : Il est 20h à Los Angeles, but pretty soon I have been told that it would be a good idea to write it in English as well. Since I need to practice my English as much as possible, I thought it will be a good idea indeed. Moreover, since none of my French friends or family are supposed to come here, it allows me to talk about everything I want. Indeed, I'm very shy, and I don't like to tell people about what I like and what I think. So here, I can freely speak and don't care if anybody judges me !

What will be the main subjects ?

Travels and American Way of Life

We're very lucky to live in a wonderful area and even if it's gonna be difficult to discover everything, I'd be happy to share our visits with you. The main purpose of this blog will be then the Travel in California and USA and the discovery of the American Way of Life.

I will also share with you the other travels my sister and I did such as Japan or New Zealand. And of course, I will present you my beloved country : France !

Arts, Science, Feminism and ordinary life

I have also many other interests in my life that I will share with you. As you can see above, my interests are various ! So yes, I'm neither a girly-girl, nor a tomboy. I'm just a normal girl who has various interests from Computer Science and Engineering to make-up and clothes. So, don't be afraid to go from an extreme to an other with me ! I'm also a feminist and I will probably talk a lot about it. However, I have to warn you : I'm not fighting against men. I'm just a girl who wants that everyone has an opportunity to accomplish himself in the way he chooses (and that worth for women AND men !)

Well that said, here are the main topics I'm going to talk about :

Arts : movies, books, music, food etc...everything I saw/heard/tasted and loved is gonna be here !
Sciences : As I told you, I am a civil engineer, so I'm gonna talk about this a little (mainly about architecture) and because I'm also very fond of high-tech, I may post a few things on this subject too !
Feminism : Everything is already said, but I will try to share some of my opinions here and also some interesting facts.
Ordinary Life : Here you will find some ideas I had to make life easier or nicer. It might be some practical stuffs or some crazy thoughts about decoration, make up, organization, etc. I will also test here some products I like or dislike.

Sorry for my English !!!

I apologize here for my English which is very bad (but I'm working on it !). I hope, it'll be enough to be understandable, otherwise don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want (or also to correct me if I make huge mistakes). I'm trying to do my best, but my English is still very poor and this blog is also a way for me to practice. If you speak French and get upset with my gibberish, you can also go on my French blog Il est 20h à Los Angeles.

Where follow me ?

You can follow me on Facebook and on Google +.
For those who speak french, you can also get updates on Hellocoton.

Enjoy your reading and don't hesitate to share your opinions or give some more advice !

Have a good reading !! Bonne lecture !!